Partial Hospitalization Program

Our program provides a therapeutic environment in which children can learn and grow both academically and emotionally. The Partial Program is a day long mental health treatment program which also includes an educational component.

This program is specifically designed for children aged 5-14 with emotional and/or behavioral disturbances. Our team of professionals includes a Psychiatrist, Special Education Certified Teacher, Program Director, Mental Health Specialists and Mental Health Professionals.

Providing an unmatched level of care.


While attending the PHP, children continue to have their educational needs met by on-site Educational Staff. The educational component of the program is provided by a Pennsylvania Certified Special Education Teacher. The teacher coordinates each child's program with the referring school district, utilizing their curriculum materials. This ensures a smooth transition back to the school district upon discharge. Education is provided in a small group setting which enables more one-on-one time with the teacher. The teacher is able to give each student more individual time to allow students to feel a certain level of success in the academic areas.


Sometimes, the best treatment does involve the use of medications to reduce stress, manage anger, alleviate anxiety or treat other contributing symptoms. Under the close supervision of the Psychiatrist and the treatment team, these medications can be safely and effectively managed to produce the highest results while the child or adolescent is enrolled in the program.